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Those stations get public security to respond to come over on the whole in the part.Toward Vietnamese ghost rush toward pass by.In hand get the electric shock stick also made out.Don't in time use electric current.Be weapon with that stick.Dead straight to Vietnamese Zi head up hit to pass by.
Vietnamese by hand arm a block.Give or get an electric shock stick to beat him will sprung to go out in the arm.And he successful arm also the milli- deliver not hurt.
The Vietnamese towards a public security the mouth sneer at.Then the right boxing suddenly hit.It was an one punch to fly a person to go out to the shot again.
The Vietnamese is like a tiger to go into flock of sheep.These are common to get public security basically isn't him opponent.Give or get an electric shock stick shot to beat on him.He is like a Hao ignorance to feel a sort.But his one punch tee off.Willing there is a public security flying to go out any further can't climb from the ground.
The Vietnamese rushes and swerves about madly in the crowd.Basically have no a match it will.
Turn an eye.More than ten public securities all lie at ground up.And the Vietnamese also finally want to face him to get an end target:That dares to stir up his box on the ear to get a damned woman.
Sung parable's hasing never thought these Vietnamese monkeys will be so severe.See him greatly tread to walk to the F.The noodles takes a Zheng Ning smile.The appearance wants to be much ugly have much ugly.The other party got a brutish performance to on the contrary stir up she inside refuses to concede defeat temperament.Pick up an electricity stick from the ground.After pressing to open electric current.Ruthlessly to that Vietnamese monkey get face up hit to pass by.
The Vietnamese didn't dare to impede with the body this time.But is retreated an one step.Averted from Sung parable to get one shot.Sung parable sees him will fear this.Give or get an electric shock that stick dance must also get madness more.The Vietnamese continuously must avoid being seen and retreat.But always at look for Sung parable attack flaw.Prepare one shot to knock down it.
Sung parable scream makes a noise.Because someone suddenly from after death give° her successful to hold tight.
At present doom.
Sung parable is sorrow to think.Then Zhang Cou Zui toward holding tight a personal small hand that big hands bite to pass by.
Sung parable cannoted bite.Because behind get the person pulled her hair.Don't make her get head to gather together downward.
"Fight the matter son still hand over to a man to come more suitable."The parable that the autumn of the leaf is loose to open Sung get hair.Clap her to get head.Say with a smile.
Sung parable hated to die that suddenly embraces from the behind F impeded her attack.Have no grasping of gentleman poise very much again her hair pulls backward of guy.If if can opportunity to capture.All want to tore him, a piece of meat comes down.
It is ex- to have fierce tiger.There is bad wolf behind.At present fear be dooming.
The temperament of those Vietnamese monkeys is ruthlessly oppressive.They what don't the matter stem come out?Sung parable just but see very clearly.He stired up Qi officer's a box on the ear.Beating the Qi officer's faces is all swollen.He can't also want to stir up the face of F?
Sung parable in the mind doesn't already be worrying.Time of at the end of one's tether but again .Suddenly and after death ring out a voice with thick moving Chun:"The matter son fighting still hands over to a man to come more suitable."
The voice acquaints with very much.
The man of behind has already loosenned to open her hair.A turn a head.See a the love hates again again of face.
However.And then the love hate to mean a past again.
Now.She sees this face almost excitedly spring up.
"The autumn of the leaf?How to is you?Do you when come to Su Hang?Too good.Too good.These bastards humiliate me.You beat them not very good?"Sung parable loudly appeals to the public small call of the way of Rang Rang.Embrace arm of leaf autumn to flutter.
Because of wanting to come out to have fun with friend.So the clothes of Sung parable attires and then relatively opens sex appeals.The inside is close fitting blank T-shirt.Outside cover a piece the gray western dress coat that Chien invites.Descending the body is a vogue short skirt of European style.The skirt puts the shortest.Can may may live hip to the package.The leggings Gao Gen's sandals in black.Toe nail became black.Up still there is metal powder at flickering give out light.
Long hair shawl.Turn simple attire on the face.Long long eyelash, rosy lips.And fill the air while talking of wine flavor way.Doing not calculate is outstanding.Shape but very and perfect soft breasts come to Mo to go in the body of leaf autumn last Mo.It really is a captivating goblin.

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