#1 Toys that benefits von johnnash 08.06.2020 13:18

• Now your son is lavishing upon the computer the attention he would give to any new, rewarding and particularly attractive toy.
• The three largest ocean liners in the world could have sat atop its crest like bathtub toys.
• On the second floor, room 30 is the favourite: devoted to dolls, toys and other mementos of bygone childhood.
• The red Porsche is his latest toy.
• Dad was a wonderful craftsman and created many toys from scrap.
• Did you get any new toys for your birthday?
• I keep some of the toys on display in working order for my grandchildren to play with.
toy car/soldier/gun etc
• What, after all, are dodgems but toy cars that one can climb into?
• He always nicked my toy cars.
• Branwell's toy soldier, Bonaparte, had become the strong, bad, good-looking Duke of Northangerland.
• Some are more obvious to identify, such as the toy car.
• When daddy teasingly takes the toy car away he, too, is getting between the child and his interest.
• One frustrated local battalion has resorted to practicing with toy soldiers on a gymnasium floor.

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