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Scholz can still remember gaming experiences in Azeroth. "The first successes over Raid directors such as light's hope northdale gold and Nefarian along with the Joyful yelling from the Teamspeak or the unbelievably exciting battlefield games against the center groups of the alliance The hours of Alterac Valley rounds Our guild meetings in Cologne Oh, there are so many highlights."

But doesn't the look back water down the fact that the timeless WoW had problems and many building sites? Of these, George Zaal, former editor in the TV broadcaster Giga and famous at the WoW scene, notably below his Youtube alias Barlow, convinced. "People like to talk about'everything was amazing in that time and everything goes right down the drain today, and that surely does not simply apply to game collection,' says WoW pro Golem.

In a funny blog post on 21, as he describes, zaal is not thrilled with the prospect of WoW Classic. "Personally, I'm by no means a friend of older games like a remaster or, just like in this case, simply re-releasing a genre match, I am a huge friend of innovation, but sadly I'm increasingly seeing a community that Innovations bashed plus a poisonous shit show held, although she revered olle Kamellen religiously - rather than just on WoW.

He himself has many good memories of this Vanilla era and throughout the sport must know a few people in person, with whom he still has contact and performs today. "Classic was revolutionary and better than some other MMO of its period, but it was also a match by developers who had little expertise in the MMO marketplace - and you've noticed that - lots of great thoughts, but also a Great Deal of unworked, unfinished ones or just not working concepts." The match was worse than it is now.

Zaal anxieties that the nostalgic transfiguration of several players and a possible success of WoW Classic can result in more and buy light's hope gold more retro jobs and"the openness of game designers to take risks with new games that are new sinks even further than already".

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