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Sole tire supplier Pirelli has warned that it could walk away from Formula One after the current season if the sport fails to ratify tire testing plans by close of play on Monday.

The website motorsport quoted Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery as saying there would not be enough time to prepare new Cheap NHL Jerseys China , wider tires planned for 2017 if the governing body's F1 commission were to stall in approving rule changes.

Pirelli won a tender for the 2017-19 contract in October, but that has yet to be signed off with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) due to the testing issues.

""When I land [in Europe -after the Chinese Grand Prix], if I don't have an e-mail confirming it's approved, or something else positive Cheap NHL Jerseys , then you will be calling me for a different story,"" said Hembery.

""This is it. We cannot do our job without this.""

Motorsport said Pirelli had written to the FIA earlier in April to clearly state that it would withdraw from the 2017-19 contract if the test program was not resolved immediately.

The website said FIA race -director Charlie Whiting had recently visited senior Pirelli representatives in Milan to push the testing agreement forward.

It added, however, that during the weekend's third round of the championship in Shanghai Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , an agreement had been reached for five teams to join a trial program to run from July for a period of 25 car days.

F1 is preparing for major rule changes next season aimed at making cars with more downforce, which are faster and harder to drive.

As part of the plans, wider tires will be subjected to -heavier loading and faster cornering speeds.

Teams are currently subject to strict limits on track testing before and during the season, but the regulations now allow for 12 days of tire testing.


Key Considerations While Seeking Rehab For Drug Addiction Health Articles | July 28 Cheap Jerseys USA , 2017

Looking for rehabilitation for drug addiction treatment can be a daunting task. Check out this guide to get acquainted with key considerations to make the process hassle free.

For numerous individuals, drug addiction is a serious concern. A person with a drug addiction may feel like his life is spiraling out of control and there is no way to live normally again. But help is available for people struggling with drug addiction, and recovery is possible. While numerous San Jose drug treatment聽options are available, one of the best ways to begin recovery is to get treatment from a drug rehab program. To discover the most suitable program Cheap Custom Jerseys , the following considerations are indispensable:

Research the ways that insurance will cover the costs of treatment

Numerous insurance companies provide at least partial coverage of addiction rehabilitation. Additionally, some employers provide treatment options for mental health conditions, including drug addictions. Discovering how much of the treatment’s cost the insurance will cover, or what options are available through the employer that can potentially save him both stress and money.

Understand that treatment can last several months

Although some people believe that they can receive treatment in less than a month and be completely recovered from their addiction Cheap Authentic Jerseys , the fact is that most programs take much longer to be totally effectual. The NIDA states that the best recovery outcomes occur after treatment for at least three months. A person entering drug addiction rehabilitation should, therefore, be prepared to dedicate several months to his rehabilitation process.

Keep an open mind towards the program’s treatment options

Rather than concentrating on a specific type of San Jose drug treatment, nearly all drug addiction rehabilitation programs provide a blend of various different forms of treatment. These are combined together to create a treatment plan that best fits the individual needs of the person rehabilitating from an addiction Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , and often incorporates the following two types of therapies:

Behavioral Therapy – The aim of this treatment is to assist the individual to alter his behaviors and attitudes regarding drug use and to teach him how to live addiction-free, healthy life. Medication Therapy – Since addiction frequently affects the brain’s functioning, medication can help the person return to normal patterns of behavior, avoid relapse and experience less cravings. Find a program that specializes in specific types of drug treatment

Most rehabilitation programs provide treatments that concentrate on a specific category of a drug like sedatives or opioids. For an effective treatment Cheap Jerseys From China , the person should ensure he takes part in a program tailored for his specific kind of addiction.

Why Switch to Buying Motor Insurance Online

Posted by akanshasingh on February 17th, 2017

Motor insurance is the most important insurance that every car or bike owner should have. Not only because it is a law in India but also because it is required for you and your vehicle's protection. For many buying a motor insurance is a tough task, given the variety in market and the stress of running around agents to get a good deal. Hence many motor insurance companies today encourage customers to buy motor insurance online.

Following are a few reasons why you should switch to online shopping for motor insurance -

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