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Sports games involve high quality 3D graphics and high-speed animation and special effects that allow users to play such games as soccer, baseball, snooker Danny Rose Jersey , and other games on computers and on the internet. The advances in software and graphics technology have made software renditions of such games next to real and fun.

There are questions which visionaries, artists and mystics and perhaps all human beings Cheap Tottenham Hotspur Jerseys , for that matter, face at some point during their lifetime.

How do we distill our unique and very personal understanding of what is possible for human beings into words, prose Victor Wanyama Hotspur Jersey , music or other forms of communication- in ways that invite others to enjoy and perhaps find meaning from the view that we see?

Being a visionary without sharing a vision feels - well -existentially unfulfilling and incomplete.

Recently I was asked to provide a brief introduction to my work. Brief. Now that is an interesting challenge! How do I find words to describe what I have spent more than twenty-five years exploring and teaching and am still in the process of assimilating?.

How do I make the essence of my work fun for you to read, easy for you to understand while, at the same time Toby Alderweireld Hotspur Jersey , giving you a sense of the wide variety of wonders that occur when both questions and answers drop away and we find ourselves fully present to one another from a whole and fulfilled state?

So - to find my answers I chose to do what many visionaries might do when faced with similar questions. I went to the beach and threw myself into the water! This is the very best place I know to cool down, connect with the infinite and think straight.

After my swim in the ocean I sat on the beach and wondered. What is it that I return to again and again? What guides my work as a mentor and teacher? What are the concepts that have been most beneficial in my life and in the lives of my clients as well?

I picked up my pen and the nuggets arranged themselves on the page this way.

Seven Guiding Principles for a Whole and Fulfilling Life

One Remembering:

1. The Energy of Life Itself is Loving and Wise.

How I came to understand and accept this is another story for another day. I will share today that once I remembered that the energy of life is indeed loving and wise, regardless of how it appears through my human eyes Son Heung-min Hotspur Jersey , my life changed and my well-being increased. I became more interested in expanding my vision than in being right.

Three Viewpoints:

2. View life from Self-Awareness
3. View Life with a Consciousness of Choices
4. View Life as a Co-Creative Process

Each of these three viewpoints on life gives me a different perspective on my experience. Each has gifts to offer me. With self awareness I am able to observe my own thoughts. I can free myself from patterns of thinking that no longer work for me. From a consciousness of choices I stretch and strengthen my creative muscles. I decide what I most want and take responsibility for where I focus my attention. When I enter the co-creative process of my life I move into "the flow." I feel the creative forces of the universe working with me and for me. There is nothing more wonderful than that!

Three Keys to Transformation:

5. Practice Acceptance
6. Cultivate Curious
7. Become Willing

The three keys to transformation sound simple enough and they are easy to apply when life is going great. It is during challenging times that the real power of these three keys emerges.

Each process I design rests on the solid foundation these guiding principles have offered me personally. It is because they have been so meaningful to me that I share then with you. I invite you to consider if they might be of value on your journey of Whole Life Fulfillment too.

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