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The Saints had not won a season New Orleans Saints T-Shirt opener since the first game of the 2013 season, and in 2018 it was the same old, same old story again my friend. On Sunday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans came out swinging, scoring on their first three possessions and totaling 24 points in the first half. You would think that scoring 24 points in one half would have the Saints comfortably in the lead? Think again: New Orleansí defense allowed Tampa Bay to have just as much success, looking every bit the porous and inept unit that we have come to loathe during Sean Paytonís tenure. In the first half, the Bucs did not punt once and scored a franchise record 31 points (with seven of those coming on a Mike Gillislee fumble returned for a touchdown). In the second half, the Saints offense suddenly became sluggish, beset by penalties New Orleans Saints Hats , drops and a costly fumble by Michael Thomas. The Bucs found the end zone once again in the third quarter, upping their lead to 17 points in the third quarter at 41-24. The fourth quarter brought much of the same, Tampa absolutely perforating the Saints defense and scoring at will as the lead ballooned up to 24 points. New Orleans would finally get on the board with touchdowns by Alvin Kamara and two points conversions to get within eight at 48-40. But Ryan Fitzpatrick (who Iím sure was actually Tom Brady disguised as a Buccaneer) continued lighting up the Saints secondary, throwing for over 400 yards and using his feet to convert a crucial third and eleven play late in the fourth quarter.The defense had an absolutely horrendous day, unable to put any pressure of Fitzpatrick and not much better against the run. Could it be a fluke? Next week against the Cleveland Browns should tell us very quickly where this season is likely to go: another year of shootouts where Drew Brees has to throw 50 times a game, or a season like last year, where the running game and the defense are competent enough to keep the team balanced and make them a contender. For now, and although it is just one game, the 2018 Saints are big New Orleans Saints Womens Hoodie , gigantic fraud!***Below is a timeline of the game as it unfolded, if you can stomach to read.1st QuarterSaints take the opening kickoff all the way down for a touchdown by Alvin KamaraNO: 7 - TB: 0The Buccaneers respond immediately, with DeSean Jackson for a 58-yard touchdownNO: 7 - TB: 7Saints go back down the field and have to settle for a Wil Lutz field goalNO: 10 - TB: 7Tampa Bay easily gets into Saints territory on runs by Peyton BarberFitzpatrick gets into the end zone for a touchdownNO: 10 - TB: 14Saints just as quickly get into Bucs territory as the quarter endsThis has all the makings of a shootout early!2nd QuarterBrees finds Ted Ginn Jr. for a 28-yard touchdown to open the second quarterNO: 17 - TB: 14Bucs get into the Saintsí red zone in the blink of an eyeTampa stall and Chandler Catanzaro ties the game with a 33-yard field goalNO: 17 - TB: 17Saints go three-and-out for the first time as Brees is sacked Bucs dice up the defense again and move down the field with easeFitzpatrick finds Chris Godwin for a touchdownNO: 17 - TB: 24With just over four minutes left in the first half, the Bucs havenít punted yetMike Gillislee fumbles the ball and the Buccaneers recover for a touchdownNO: 17 - TB: 31Saints get into Bucs territory and into the Bucs red zoneBrees finds Michael Thomas alone in the end zone for a touchdownNO: 24 - TB: 31Buccaneers take a knee, at the half Saints are down seven3rd QuarterBucs start with the ball as they had deferred after winning the tossBucs easily get into the red zone aided by Saints penaltiesTampa stalls and settle for a 36-yard field goalNO: 24 - TB: 34Saints go three-and-out for the second time of the game and puntBucs go three-and-out and punt for the first timeSaints stall and have to punt once againRyan Fitzpatrick finds Mike Evans for a 50-yard touchdownNO: 24 - TB: 41Saints get into Bucs territory, but Michael Thomas fumbles the ball awayBucs take over as the quarter ends4th QuarterKen Crawley gifts the Bucs another first down on a terrible PIRyan Fitzpatrick finds DeSean Jackson for a touchdownNO: 24 - TB: 48Saints drive into the Bucs red zoneAlvin Kamara runs into the end zone for a touchdownKamara converts the two-point conversionNO: 32 - TB: 48On third down, Bucs go deep and find DeSean Jackson into Saints territoryBucs stall while running the clock and settle for a field goalCatanzaro misses the field goal as the Saints take overSaints get into Bucs territory in two playsBrees finds Alvin Kamara for a touchdownTed Ginn Jr. converts the two-point tryNO: 40 - TB: 48The Bucs take over and run the clock, converting a big 3rd and 11 playBuccaneers win the game 48-40.Michael Thomas rises above the defensive meltdown Michael Thomaswas one of the few bright spots in the defensive debacle we witnessed on Sunday; setting the franchise record for most receptions in a single game with 16.He was consistently able to get open either by play design or by using his elite route running.He was able to find success outside and in the slot where nine of his receptions came from. Hereís a breakdown of the types of routes he ran.Michael Thomas 16 rec. vs TB 9/09DOWN & DISTANCEROUTERESULTDOWN & DISTANCEROUTERESULT*Brees flushed from pocket. Thomas runs towards LOS. Bold= Thomas in slot/inside receiverThe TapeHis longest reception of the day came at the end of the 1st quarter. The Saints have a 1st and 10 and line up in 20 personnel, with the fullback Line offset. Ginn Womens Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys , Carr, and Thomas are the receivers and Kamara is in the backfield. Carr goes in motion from left to right and is lined up tight to the line. This motion is what helps set up the whole play. Itís a play-action where Brees will fake the hand off to Kamara to freeze the linebackers. Carr helps sell the run fake by simulating run blocking before releasing into his route. Carr will wait to run his route until Thomas is in front of him, forcing the cornerback to go around the safety who is covering Carr. The rub works and helps give Thomas more space away from his defender. On the other side Ginn will run a post, taking the cornerback and safety with him. This opens up the left side of the field for Thomas as he comes across the middle and then works up the field for extra yards.Coach Payton called an excellent play on Thomasí lone touchdown reception. The Saints come out in 11 personnel with Kamara and Watson and call max protect (Kamara and Watson will pass block). The receivers (Ginn, Thomas, Carr) line up in a trips bunch to the left before Carr goes in motion to the right. The safety on that side comes down to cover him, signaling man coverage. The Bucs show a corner blitz from the offensives left, and Brees now knows he has a good match up on that side.When playing against a tighter wide receiver alignment, defenders in man coverage will use a first in/first out technique to help prevent rubs. The play call will take advantage of this. Ginn will run what is known as a pivot route; where he will release towards the middle of field www.saintsauthorizedshops.com , before planting his foot and cutting back to the sideline. This route exploits the first in/first out technique by getting the inside defender to cheat down to defend Ginn who appears to be breaking inside. Thomas is able to run behind the defender and make an easy catch for the touchdown. Thomas may not have had many big plays, but itís the little things he did that made him so effective and able to get open frequently. This play is a great example of some of those little things. Brees empties the backfield and sends Kamara out wide with Thomas in a reduced alignment. Itís a 3rd down with 2 yards to go. Kamara runs a go which opens up the outside of the field for Thomas on his pivot route. As soon as the defender flips his hips to run with him inside, he plants his foot and cuts towards the sideline, creating good separation to make the catch and finish strong with a stiff arm while picking up the first down. While he didnít go up against the best corners the league has to offer and he may not see this many receptions again this season he displayed the skill will make him a match up problem next week again the Cleveland Browns.

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